Luv Equals Pies.

I don’t like to put periods on titles, but the above statement is so true it can be boiled down to mathematical science.

Baking+blueberries/strawberries/and/or chocolate= Love on a (pie) Plate.

Even the word “pie” is mathematical (insert two lines with a wavy line above them here).*

One plus one plus one equals three pies! Now where is the fourth…

Saturday, I had the awesome privilege to be a part of my church’s Serve Day. This meant that people at each of our campuses decided on the things they could do to show people love and meet their needs. That’s the funny thing about people who love to cook- to them, the best way to serve someone is to literally serve someone something, on a plate.

I decided to bake some pies and deliver them. And bake I did- a blueberry, strawberry, and two chocolate chip pies.

Not getting to taste these was an act of love in itself. Because no matter how hard I tried to convince myself, it really wasn’t sanitary to stick my spoon into someone else’s pie.

I would go so far as to encourage you to do the same this week. Find someone, show them some love, and bake them a pie- any flavor will do. And make sure when you deliver it you sit for a while; maybe they’ll end up sharing some with you.

This is more of an artistic interpretation of a top crust.

*I was never good at math so I am really not sure the above formula makes sense. Also, my beautiful sister and I have debated for years wether we would consider ourselves “Team Pie” or “Team Cake.” She is “Team Pie” and so I hope she reads this post.  Be proud, team pie members!

This pie was genius because it forms it’s own crispy-yet-chewy crust.


2 thoughts on “Luv Equals Pies.

  1. So I’m late to this one, but I was stalking you looking for that chicken tetrazzini recipe and I got distracted. I’ve decided that when you come visit you should bring me many pies of different flavors so I can eat them and know that fall is truly here. That’s all. 🙂

    • I think you just want me to convert to team pie. That way I’ll get lots of practice making them and then have no excuse.

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