An Orange Beach Vacation

Joe Patti’s is technically in Pensacola; but it was so wonderful, it felt like it was in Alabama.

A week spent at the beach is one of the joys of summer.

Especially when it is over 100 degrees in every other city in Alabama. But-in this oasis, at the beach- the breeze from the bay makes it feel at least like 80. And that, in the middle of a sweltering July summer, is a gift my friends.

Also a gift is the chance to spend time with my sweet family and eat local seafood. Below is my visual history of the best places to eat- and kill a crab- in the true home of the South’s finest, Orange Beach.

These pickles are cornmeal-encrusted and fried to golden crispness. This is one of those things that you must-eat-and-will-thank-me-(profusely)-later for.

Shrimp in a honey truffle glaze alongside haricot verts and creamy parmesan risotto.

These beauties were caught in old-school crab traps and boiled at the most happening beach house on the bay. (Alliteration, what?)

And just for fun, because texting and driving officially became illegal in my home state, I thought this sign was hilarious.

If you ever see a lobster wearing a bib waving silverware at you, run in the opposite direction.


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