Capitol City Eats


Layers of prosciutto, mozzarella and arugula with balsamic and mayo-laced dressings.

I love our nation’s capitol.

I love what it stands for- liberty, justice, freedom. I love the majestic beauty of its stately buildings and ornate architecture. And I loved the food.

The last time I visited Washington, D.C. I was a sophomore in college. Which meant I was on a sophomore in college’s budget, and with a sophomore in college’s interest in museums, restaurants, and national history. For me, that meant little-to-none in each of the aforementioned categories. Also, to be fair, at that time a salesperson with a red cart selling lukewarm hotdogs and day-old popcorn qualified as a food truck.

Wow, how things have changed. In fact, I would venture to say that I ate better in Washington D.C. than I did on my most recent visit to New York City. Washington’s food scene is highly underrated, and with the plethora of tastes I experienced- from blueberry buckwheat pancakes to a politically-motivated turkey burger, to decadent bacio gelato and Milky Way malt milkshakes- it was well worth the trip. In fact, I am already planning my next visit- even if all I get next time are these macaroons.

Here are some of my favorite stops. And when I say favorite, I mean, you must visit them or I will be offended. And trust me, I will know if you don’t.


Peanut butter and jelly, mocha, and dark chocolate macaroons that will change your opinion of what to choose for dessert (in that order) at The Sweet Lobby.

Not only were these squash exciting because they meant fall was almost here, Eastern Market was the most beautiful produce fair I have ever seen.


This homemade pop tart was filled with peanut butter and topped with salty bacon. And no, it is not a figment of your wildest dreams; it really happened. I ate one here.

I have never had rapini on pizza until 2Amy’s. It was so good- and the fresh hot peppers didn’t hurt either.

This was the best gelato I have EVER HAD outside of the one time I went to Italy and ate it every day. In fact, the reason this photo is so fuzzy is because I was so excited to eat it I rushed the picture and don’t remember what happened next. 

In conclusion, your D.C. eats cheat sheet:

1. For a great burger: Good Stuff Eatery. I had the Michelle O’Bama turkey burger. Please do not mistake my support for the burger named after her and my  political support. That burger was simply evidence that good food doesn’t have to have a political affiliation. Also, please order a Milky Way malt while you are there; the butterscotch and fudge ribbons down the side of your glass will make it all the more fun.

2. For a great dessert- See the above pictured gelato. If you have ever had Italian gelato, this will bring you back to the moment you first tasted it (I think I heard an Italian choir singing in the background). If you haven’t, it is worth a trip to experience what gelato made from local produce and grass-fed cows tastes like.

3. For a great family-style meal: Founding Farmer’s. Unfortunately, my steak with chimichurri sauce, side of spinach enchiladas and goat cheese and butter-roasted corn’s photo didn’t do the meal justice.

4. For a great start to your day: blueberry buckwheat pancakes at Market Lunch (Eastern Hill). Trust me, waiting in line will only make the food taste better.

5. For a great mid-day sugar high: Baked and Wired or The Sweet Lobby. The macaroons at the Sweet Lobby will literally knock your socks off- the texture is absolutely perfect. And the iced coffee at Baked and Wired was sweet and smooth- just how it should be.



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