Southern, Foodie Birthdays

Chocolate cake with chocolate, chocolate-chip frosting. Yes, it was everything you think it would be.

Combine birthdays and food together, and voila! You have the perfect recipe for a great day. Extend this equation over the course of two weeks and your (my) birthday dreams have now come true.

Of all the birthdays of my life, this past one has been the most dear, and the most special. Turning 16 was great, but let’s be honest- having the chance to eat all you want at 20 of your favorite restaurants, cheer on your favorite football team with your sister at your side, and eat two birthday cakes (chocolate and red velvet) is pretty darn amazing.

Below are some highlights from my food-themed birthday week(s). I hope it inspires you to also don your own birthday tiara, cut a large slice of cake, and count your blessings. Because my friends, birthdays and fabulous food or not- we have so, so many.

This amazing establishment had fritters for the bread bowl, and fried moon pies for dessert.

Front and center are Tennessee cherry chili peppers.

Next best birthday gift: cherry chili pepper hot sauce

A great way to start a new year: “Bennie and the Eggs”


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