Bulletproof Iced Coffee

Nature's gift to early-risers

Nature’s gift to early-risers

I would by no means classify myself as a health nut. This is why my first “health food recipe” on LuvCooks involves coffee, butter, and oil, thank ya very much.

With the rising amounts of vega-fruitra-grain-free-atarians, recipes these days are getting more and more green, leafy, and nutritious- which is great!  If you love greens, leaves, and nutrients. Personally, I have never been drawn to a bunch of kale over a bunch of tater tots. I’ve also recently felt a twinge of responsiblity to present a more balanced food perspective on LuvCooks.

So, in that spirit, I present to you the best iced coffee ever.  Considering that my past attempts at iced coffee have resulted in a) dumping an entire plastic bowl of ice water on my floor, strewn with coffee grounds puddling at my ankles, b) liquid that turned the color of iced tea, and c) had the flavor profile of raw peanuts soaked in day-old espresso, I consider this recipe a serious blessing.

The melted butter in this hot, dark-roast goodness tastes like a heavenly latte, and the addition of healthy coconut oil (that is essentially what MCT oil is; I find myself struggling to actually say this ingredient because it sounds a bit like what you put in your windshield wiper dispensers) is imperceptible, even to the most nutrient-sensitive palate . Combine the liquid gold with ice, a bit of honey or stevia, and viola! Morning, afternoon, or midnight (if you are one of those Creative-night-owl types) refreshment.

And one last health tidbit. I duly promise NOT to bother you with nutrition facts, calorie counts, or diet ads. These annoy the stew out of me and take the joy out of eating. So let’s consume our iced coffee (with a side of brownie) in peace people. We promise to eat a salad tomorrow.

Bulletproof Iced Coffee

What You Will Need

2 heaping tablespoons freshly ground dark-roast coffee  (I like my coffee strong; like, it could scare a cowboy.)

1 cup (8 oz) filtered water

1 tablespoon unsalted grass-fed butter

1 tablespoon MCT oil

Plenty of ice

French press (or preferred coffee brewing method); blender

What You Will Do

1. Put your freshly ground coffee into a french press, then pour 8 ounces boiling water over it. Let steep for five minutes. Or, use whatever method you prefer to make your coffee delicious.

2. Once your hot coffee is pressed, pour it into a blender.  Add the butter and MCT oil.

3. Blend until your coffee looks like an amber milkshake. Taste it and see if you need to add honey or stevia; the sweeteners melt better at this stage than adding them in later.

4. Refrigerate the coffee for four hours to overnight.

5. Put plenty of crushed ice in the cup or mug of your choice (I prefer one with a Batman or Mason label). Pour your brew over the ice.  And if you aren’t into coffee that puts lighting into your veins, you can definitely add more water here.


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